Honesty. Integrity. Ethics. These values are the cornerstones of Red Lily Real Estate. In fact, this company was founded to provide a real estate company option that not only cares about these values but practices them in their every-day interactions with clients, other agents, lenders, title agencies, and each other.

Red Lily Real Estate, a family-owned business, was started by Tara Leurs in 2014 and named after her daughters, Lilliana and Scarlett. Each agent who joins the Red Lily team is vetted to have the highest standards of ethics and honesty in order to fit with Tara’s vision of a real estate company with integrity. The entire team recognizes the importance of customer service and places the client’s needs and desires at the forefront of everything they do—always looking out for a client’s best interests. Because of that, Red Lily never charges excess “junk” fees from their clients. Please don’t hesitate to call or email any of our team, and let us show you the Red Lily difference!

Red Lily also offers property management assistance at various levels, depending on the needs of our clients. Our goal is to come alongside property owners and ensure greater freedom for them as well as maximize the return on their investment. Please contact Mike Cole at 615-828-9902 for further information.

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